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Mistakes To Avoid When Promoting Your Business On Twitter

Social networks provide direct interaction between representatives of a business and potential customers. It is therefore important to do your best and avoid mistakes that could negatively impact the image of your company, especially when it comes to an open platform such as Twitter.
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7 Reasons Why Having In-House IT Support Is A Waste Of Money

If I told you that having an in-house IT support team is a waste of money, you would probably think I am talking out of my bottom! After all, if a user has a problem with their computer someone can instantly come over and resolve that problem.
But what if I also told you that there was an even…
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How to Survive Tax Audits – Small Business Survival

Cyprus accounting knows that the tax audit is the most feared examination an individual or more importantly, a business has to face. For the unaware, a tax audit is nothing but the review of your tax returns to see whether you are paying the amount, you are supposed to. Not everyone has to face…
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Wii, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360?

Whether you are a passionate player,addicted to new technology or you just want to relax and have fun at the same time and remember some childhood awesome games, a gaming console is the best choice in terms of entertainment. It is also the ideal gift for children who will dive into the gaming…
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