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The Benefits Of A Life In The Military

In spite of Britain’s recent economic woes, there’s still one employer that aims to take on around 24,000 new recruits each year. I’m talking about the British Armed Forces, which consists of the Naval Service, British Army and Royal Air Force.
A career with the Forces doesn’t necessarily mean fr…
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Millennials Unwrap The Global Employment Market

Millennials (Gen Y) are poised to become major players in the international workforce. According to stats, millennials will make up 36% of the workforce in the United Stated by 2014. By 2020 that number will jump to nearly 50%. This is bad news for all of the people who are still sceptical of…
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Small Business Advice For Better Growth And Opportunities

When we start a new business, we indulge ourselves into a lot of research to find out what’s best for our business and what’s not. A major part of research involves finding target audience and building strategic marketing around them. Well, there are number of magazine, blogs and other inf…
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Content Marketing – What it is and Why It’s So Important

These days, the traditional world of marketing is dying and the era of content marketing is in full swing. Customers these days skip television advertisements, tune out radio commercials and ignore magazine advertising – but they still consume content (especially online). By tapping into content …
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Five Tips For Being Successful In the Accounting Industry

Accounting has become a very lucrative profession over the past five to 10 years, especially with other sectors experiencing a lack of job opportunities. Whether the economy is rosy or thorny, companies and individuals are going to require accountants. Here are five tips that will ensure you are…
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Why you need to research before you choose unlimited internet plans

What is the one thing we cannot live without today? In the technological sense, if there is one thing we have become dependable to in our lives today; it would have to be the internet. It is not only the fact that we get lots of information from it, but the fact that we use it for every step in…
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How to Solve Nokia Lumia 928 Frozen Problem

As is well known, Nokia’s Lumia line of Windows Phone handsets is best known for its bright colors and bold styling. The Nokia Lumia 928, have caught the eyes of many passers-by including me due to its standout features ¨C namely a wonderful camera with a lens built for low-light …
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