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Mobile Insurance Cover: No Financial Burden! Get Your Mobile Back Easily

Do You Have Mobile Protection Insurance?
Do you have a home insurance? Have you chosen an insurance to protect your car? Most of the people have insurance cover for home, car and all the other valuable assets. When it comes to choosing an insurance cover for the mobiles, most of the people don’t …
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Google Reminiscences On It’s Birthday

Google, one of the largest and the biggest search engine company all over the world have celebrated its fifteenth birthday on September 27th. People all over the world uses Google to search their queries. Approximately it will give a better and positive result to the assigned query in the search…
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Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone Mobile With 41 Megapixel

Smartphones have a great demand all over the world. These devices are mostly owned by the youngsters. As there is a lot of improvement in technology, youngsters are seeking the latest mobiles with high technology. These devices run more faster. All the smartphone devices can perform all the…
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Importance of Packaging & Branding in Marketing

Packaging and branding are considered to be among the most important factors of marketing in the current era. While the term branding is used to elaborate design, description and name of a product, packing is an extremely efficient marketing tool used to reflect the brand. Fonts, colors, logo…
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Pinterest Fail: How to Not Be One of the Most Annoying Pinterest Users Ever

Like the rise and fall of an empire, websites emerge and become dominant, only to fade away and seemingly vanish from the publics consciousness. Facebook is shedding users at an alarming rate, although this would be even more alarming for Facebook management if they weren’t actually making more m…
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What Is Data Deduplication?

Data deduplication is a relatively new term. In the day and age of ever increasing file sizes and new programs, there must be ways to save space and improve system performance. Unfortunately, not all the data out there is neat and tidy. In many systems, you will find redundant files and…
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